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Welcome to Ferret Tails. The main objective of this site is to show the weekly hijinks of three ferrets: Bodi, Dayle and Cailey. Whether it is hiding socks or jumping on furniture, ferrets are resourceful, cunning and most importantly, entertaining.This site started five years ago and since then I have realized the ferret community is a large and interconnected which is why this site has evolved to also include other areas.

Things to look forward to on this site

Weekly comic strip – Bodi, Dayle or Cailey or all three could be featured

Ferret News – Any ferret news I come across through the internet, social media or through several ferret communities I’m connected with. Feel free to send me any ferret events at

Shop – Here you will find Ferret Tails merchandise like books or posters that is normally only available at conventions.

Art – As an artist I’m constantly doodling and sketching so this is where you’ll random drawings both ferret and non-ferret related.



bodi picture

A typical ferret, Bodi is the mastermind behind all the chaos and mayhem that happens in the household. He’ll leap, crawl and dig anything in sight for one reason only: because it’s there

Fun Trivia

Bodi (and Dayle)’s names come from my favorite British TV show in the 70’s called “the Professionals” whose main two antagonists are named Bodie and Doyle.


Bodi is a tribute to my first ferret,Sable, who was the most mischievous and resourceful ferret I’ve ever had.



Innocent, cuddly and a little slow…that’s Dayle. He loves his dingle balls and hiding his stuff toys. His judgement is often influenced by his partner in crime.

Fun Trivia

Dayle, like Bodi, was named after character in a TV show and was originally named Doyle for the first few comic strips but was later changed to Dayle to avoid any legal issues.


Dayle is a tribute to my second ferret Aspen, who was very mild mannered and hardly got into anything unless following his cagemate, Sable.



Introduced much later, Cailey is the female kit of the group and brings an energy and curiosity to the group dynamic. Her love for socks and boundless excitement adds a whole new wrinkle for the boys daily interaction.

Fun Trivia

Cailey’s name is an amalgam of two ferrets I owned, Bailey and Camy.


Cailey is a tribute to many ferrets including Baily, Mu Shu, Camy and Lily.









June Cartoons for 2017





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